Our Story

Easter 2011 - in an action that was frankly screaming 'mid-life crisis' Ian Morris (bass/moody looks) Paul King (vocals/ipad) and Ashley Short (guitar/being distracted) with the addition of Javan Webb (drums/sweating) reformed our old school/garage band. 
Given that 80's covers was the general ghist we were clearly lacking a synth/keyboard player. After several months of fruitless searching and one particularly false start, Ash found out that Mick Duckworth, in addition to being a brill drummer (already got one), and Bingley's premier Elvis impersonator (didn't need one) could also tinkle an ivory. Several increasingly bullying beers later at The Victoria Hotel Sandy Lane and Decade had ourselves a keyboardist.

Much practice and a first gig at Serge's snow hit 40th and we were on our way.

2019 sees a new line up with Claire Grace taking the reigns on Sax/Flute, Dave Knowles on Guitar and Rob Morley on drums.